Archaea chemosynthesis

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Chemosynthesis's wiki: In biochemistry, chemosynthesis is the biological conversion of one or more carbon-containing molecules (usually carbon dioxide or methane) and nutrients into organic matter using the oxidation of inorganic compounds (e.g., hydrogen gas.

The Biological Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vent as a Model to Study Carbon Dioxide Capturing Enzymes

What is the primary reproduction process of archaea and bacteria? Binary fission Share to: When are you a primary consumer?

When you eat piece of fruit or some vetables or corn on the cob you are a primary consumer Share to: What is a secondary consumer and a primary consumer?

Characteristics of Monerans. Some monerans are autotrophic, making their own food through either chemosynthesis, like nitrifying bacteria in the nitrogen cycle, or through photosynthesis, like purple sulfur are heterotrophic, either existing as saprophytic decomposers that feed on dead organic matter found in the soil, or as parasitic bacteria that acquire food from a living.

The Proterozoic, bya to million years ago (mya), realized events paramount to the further evolution of life, most notably the steady buildup of oxygen in the atmosphere.

What is Chemosynthesis?

Archaea are so named because they are believed to be the least evolved forms of life on Earth (archae’ meaning ancient’). The ability of some archaea to live in environmental conditions similar to the early Earth gives an indication of the ancient heritage of the domain.

Archaea chemosynthesis
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