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Project report on Parle-g Biscuits

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Rule Britania!

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What others are saying ""London Calling"- A British Themed Birthday Bash. Presentation on Industrial Visit - authorSTREAM Presentation.

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Julie's Biscuit.

Britannia Biscuit

company's biscuits were marketed through wholesalers. InMarkins Corporation was appointed the sole distributor in the state of Johor. Gradually, over a period of six years, Markins grew and expanded to eight branches throughout peninsular Malaysia. Results for Food Products, Colleges and Biscuits Showing 10 of results Project Consultants 4 ; Public Relations Consultants 5 ; Purchasing Service 1 ; Recording Service-Sound Britania Allied Industries Ltd (House of DAWDA) in Food Products.

Katalima Road MB-Uganda.

Britania biscuits project
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