Bungee project math problem algebra 2

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Barbie Bungee Jumping

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JSherman pbl Algebra Project 1

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The Algebra of a Bungee Jump PAGE 1 OF 3 The students will apply an Algebra I equation to the real life experience of bungee jumping in this engaging lesson. I added two components to a lesson task on rational lemkoboxers.com first was an idea called, Hint Cards, shared by Michael Pershan at Shadow Con at NCTM The second, which I will discuss in another post, was having students use Desmos to confirm answers that they found algebraically.

There were so many surprising positives from. This project is my own version of the much-used idea of a bungee egg drop project. The materials for this document were written on my own with my Algebra II class in mind.

We collected data, then did a linear regression on the data collected. After this was established, I passed out Fawn’s worksheet and they got to work dropping Barbie from 0, 2, 4, and 6 rubber bands.

I encouraged them to drop her several times from each and record each drop to get greater accuracy. Oct 08,  · Barbie Bungee Jumping completed this week. I actually ended up letting the students work through the packets.

4 out of the 7 groups I had breezed through the assignment, and they had their predictions ready right on time, and they were quite accurate. Tyler 7th, Algebra 1, Lessons, Linear Equations, Video Barbie Bungee, Dan Meyer, Fawn Nguyen 0 Comments Please don't read this and think I deserve credit for Barbie Bungee.

This is a well-loved, widely used activity, and for good reason.

Bungee project math problem algebra 2
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Barbie Bungee Jumping - Algebra for All