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The VCAA provides high quality curriculum, assessment and reporting to enable learning for life.

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Moderation of Marks on Coursework Attention is drawn to the following documents: a) Coursework Cover Sheet – One of these forms should be completed for each candidate and must be attached to the work before it is sent to the Moderator. Students complete elective coursework in areas such as missing data analysis, power analysis, Bayesian statistics, mediation and moderation analysis, meta-analysis, complex survey methods, program evaluation, advanced causal inference analysis, and.

An online system for coursework moderation.

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Some moderators within given components may moderate specific centres online and others by post. EPS. AQA's main Examination Processing System. EPS Pin. A unique number given to every examiner/moderator which is maintained on EPS.

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Coursework moderation Coursework moderation
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For Students: Coursework moderation only professionals!