Education reform in hong kong 334

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Education in Hong Kong

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A Review of Educational Reform - New Senior Secondary (NSS) Education in Hong Kong

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A professionally search online will throw up the key bands of various secondary schools. As a result, Hong Kong has reformed its system of education in fundamental ways. A new educational structure was introduced inwith first examinations held in The old system with the HKCEE and HKALE examinations has phased out in in favor of this new structure.

Hong Kong?s market-driven education?reforms? and insensitive comments by a top government official have enraged the city?s hard-pressed teachers.

The Education Commission of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, The People’s Republic of China May (This is a translated version) i Contents Page places high hope on the education reform, for it to bring about fundamental improvements to the education system.

The paper argues that the education reform may be well-intentioned in eliminating some elements of inequality and inequity in education, but that this comes at the expense of Hong Kong’s cultural and social capital and leads to the development of new forms of inequality.

Hong Kong: Teachers' fury over education 'reform'

Sep 15,  · Supporters of Hong Kong's Occupy Central movement participated in a “black cloth march” on Sunday afternoon to call for genuine universal suffrage for the city’s chief executive election.

The politics of hope and cynicism in the realization of the vision of the education reform in Hong Kong Article (PDF Available) in Asia Pacific Education Review 14(1) · March with Reads.

Education reform in hong kong 334
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A Review of Educational Reform - New Senior Secondary (NSS) Education in Hong Kong