Paul gustave dore

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Artworks Inspired by Dante’s Inferno

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Paul Gustave Doré

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Gustave Doré

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Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Giclee Prints Gustave Dore,Dante's Inferno,It's, Thais the prostitute who answered at the words of her lover-Don't you owe me lots of favours, Oh yes, wonderful ones.

ANATKH (Inevitability) Paul Gustave Doré (January 6, - January 23, ), was a French artist born in Strasbourg. He became a book illustrator in Paris and his commissions included work by Rabelais, Balzac and Dante.

Find out about our current, upcoming and touring exhibitions. Dore Illustrations. Paul Gustave Dore was a renowned book illustrator and artist from France, who lived from January 8, to January 23, Created between and 78 by the great French sculptor Paul Gustave Doré, this cast-bronze sculpture is officially titled “Poème de la Vigne,” or “Story of the Vine,” the vase.

Paul gustave dore
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