Racial tensions

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Behind America's racial tensions, a deeper problem: segregation

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Poll: One year after Charlottesville, majority of Americans see racial tensions on the rise

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Mistrust goes both entertainment as communities and links struggle to understand each other. Rising racial tensions at Spanaway Lake High School have resulted in multiple fights, a lockdown, and an increased police presence at the school.


Racial tension can easily occur due to the religion topic, government policy, prejudice and discrimination. We have to take appropriate actions to prevent and decrease the occurrence of racial tension because we are living in a multiracial society due to the concept of globalization. Nov 24,  · It may be shocking, but it shouldn't be surprising, that a country going through racial and ethnic tumult is seeing that reflected at its kids' games.

Racial tensions are at a high, being actively fuelled by leaders like Hanson and Donald Trump who make hate permissible. In Charlottesville, we saw how easily hateful words can turn into hateful.

Jan 12,  · Tesla has created a cutting-edge image with its bold approach to building electric cars. But it has faced criticism over how it handles complaints about workplace harassment and discrimination.

In the wake of a Thursday melee that saw dozens of students and staff pepper-sprayed, students say fights are common at Western High School and are often sparked by racial tensions between groups.

Racial tensions
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