Socio cultural effects of tourism on jamaica

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Population growth

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Environment & Sustainability

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The Manila Declaration on World Tourism of recognized its importance as "an activity essential to the life of nations because of its direct effects on the social, cultural, educational, and economic sectors of national societies and on. CBD COP 14, Cartagena Protocol COP-MOP 9 & Nagoya Protocol COP-MOP 3 17 - 29 NovemberSharm El-Sheikh, Egypt Read More; Celebrating 25 Years of Action for Biodiversity: on 22 Maythe International Day for Biological Diversity, the world highlights the 25th anniversary of the Convention Read More; Global Biodiversity.

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Culture clashes. Because tourism involves movement of people to different geographical locations, and establishment of social relations between people who would otherwise not meet, cultural clashes can take place as a result of differences in cultures, ethnic and religious groups, values and lifestyles, languages, and levels of prosperity.

This list of MPhil and PhD theses submitted in the Department of Anthropology sinceand of MA theses up tohas been compiled from departmental records, the catalogue card index of theses in the BLPES and (for very early theses) the index in the Senate House library, and the University of London's serial publication, Subjects of dissertations and theses (from ).

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Socio cultural effects of tourism on jamaica
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