Three little pigs remix

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Jiminy Cricket

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Therefore it was decided that I was supposed to make some!. Three Little Pigs remix 4C on Scratch by tdc_ Kianie is a 16 year old girl who is Black, and Puerto Rican. She lives in New York and her best friend is Ray Ray. Kianie will soon figure out that one of her "friends" are pulling a.

Oct 25,  · The first little pig (piglet), stole the straws, and built a straw palace with them. Said the little pig (piglet) to his fellows, “sod off mateys! This here is my crib and I don’t need no hangers-on” The two sad but dirty little pigs (piglets) set off again on another journey.

The three little pigs have been remixed by me to give a new spin on the traditional tale. However, the pigs didn't want to give their house up so they said "NO!!!" When the rat started to eat the wood of Momma Pig's house, Danny Dog was walking by. Jiminy Cricket is a small, anthropomorphic cricket and the deuteragonist of the Disney animated feature film, Pinocchio.

Serving as the official conscience to the film's protagonist, Pinocchio, Jiminy is tasked with keeping the wooden boy in line, teaching him valuable life morals and the.

Three little pigs remix
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The Three Little Pigs REMIX by Dean Atkinson on Prezi